EverFocus AHD Cameras on Older DVRs


EverFocus AHD cameras are compatible with older DVRs. This article will walk you through the steps to change the video output type from Analog HD (AHD for short) to 960H.




Install the camera(s) as usual. Once powered-up, you will need to access the camera's OSD-menu joystick.


The OSD-menu joystick can be found near the lens on a dome camera:


The OSD-menu joystick can be found in a hatch on the underside of a bullet camera:


In addition to navigating the OSD menu, the joystick can also be used to switch the video format between PAL and NTSC and can also be used to configure the camera’s video output:

To make the camera compatible with older, 960H-compatible DVRs press and hold the joystick left for over 5 seconds and then release.

That’s it! Your camera should now work with any 960H-compatible DVR.

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