Setting up a Logenex Teleport Door Station for an IP phone system (SIP Server)

Products included:

Teleport Door Station (i.e. TP-202XVC)

Teleport Door Controller (i.e. TPC )

SIP Server (i.e. GrandStream UCM6102)


Information needed:

IP address of the SIP server

Extension number for the Door Controller

SIP password for the extension

Ring Group or Extension number the Door Station will call

4+ digit number to be entered to unlock the door (if applicable)



  1. Download he search program to find the Door Controller on the network
  2. Run TP_search.exe
  3. Enter the IP address found in the previous step in your internet browser:
    1. At this point you should see an image from the camera
    2. If no image appears, verify that you have the video plug-in for your browser
  4. Select “Configuration” and login to the Door Controller
    1. Login: Admin
    2. Pass: Admin


From the menu options on the left select

  1. Basic Settings
    1. Set your time zone and the controller time
    2. “Save” before leaving screen
  2. SIP
    1. Enter Under SIP Settings
      1. Account Name For reference only, any name
      2. SIP Server IP Address from GrandStream
      3. Outbound Proxy IP Address from GrandStream
      4. SIP User ID Extension Number of Door Station
      5. Authenticate ID Extension Number of Door Station
      6. Authenticate Password Password entered in SIP server
      7. <Skip Tp>
      8. Local SIP Port port of SIP server
      9. Local RTP Port port of SIP server
      10. “SAVE”
    2. Enter Under SIP Open Door Settings ( if applicable)
      1. Enable SIP Open Door check Yes
      2. Key to Open Door 4+ Digit Code to open door
      3. Delay Lock Time (second) 5
      4. “SAVE”
    3. Enter Under Phone List
      1. Phone List Ring Group Number/Extension
      2. Remark Name For reference only, any name
      3. “ADD”

Reboot the System…

From the Menus Select

  1. Advance Settings
    1. Maintenance
      1. Restart


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