ESI RP Programming Example – Changing the Main Address


ESI’s motor controllers and RQ-embedded motors fully support their RP family of input devices. This includes keypads, remote controls, sun/wind inputs, contact-closure switch interfaces, RS-232 via the R2D7, and more. To program the RP options of the controllers or motors, you will need to use a 24-channel keypad or remote control. This article will walk you through one of the most common RP programming steps, changing the main channel. The layout of the keypad/remote control and initiating programming are explained in separate articles.



  • 24-channel ESI Keypad (ESIK24ST or ESIK24STRF433) or 24-channel ESI Remote Control (ESIT24S or ESIT24SDUAL433)
  • IR or RF receiver for the above items, as appropriate
  • ESI RP60/RQ60 motor controllers or RQ-motors
  • RP Programming Summary which is appropriate for the controller(s) or motor(s) you will be programming. These can be found on ESI’s website or are available through Worthington Distribution.



If you are replacing an ESI controller in an existing system, you will need to change the main address of the replacement controller to match the address that the older controller operated on.


To begin, open the RP Programming Summary and find the table entry labeled “Set Main Channel to N.” Then simply follow the steps in order from left to right.


For example, if I was replacing the controller which responded to channel 9 on the customer’s remote control, I would follow these steps:

  1. Press STOP, Open 7, and Close 7 simultaneously. The LED on the keypad/remote will begin blinking.
  2. Press Open 1. The LED on the controller will light solid red and the LED on the keypad/remote will stop blinking.
  3. Press Close 1. The LED on the controller will blink off once.
  4. Press Open 9. The LED on the controller will blink off once.
  5. Press STOP. The LED on the controller will turn off.



The main address of the controller is now changed. To confirm, press Open or Close for the channel you’ve changed the controller to and verify that the treatment now operates on the new channel.



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