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Set-Up of a Basic Grandstream Phone System
Viewed 60148 times since Thu, Jul 6, 2017
Grandstream Basic set-up This is a full walk-through for a basic system.  It can be used as a starting point before adding the features of the more advanced systems.  This can verify functionality before more complicated features are activated In... Read More
Setting Grandstream Extension Numbers to 3-digit
Viewed 31419 times since Thu, May 19, 2016
Most business phone users are accustomed to 3-digit extensions.  When confronted by 4-digit extensions, it can be confusing. It is very simple to change the length of the digits and their designations From the menus select: PBX Internal Options... Read More
Setting up a Logenex Teleport Door Station for an IP phone system (SIP Server)
Viewed 13668 times since Thu, Jun 2, 2016
Products included: Teleport Door Station (i.e. TP-202XVC) Teleport Door Controller (i.e. TPC ) SIP Server (i.e. GrandStream UCM6102)   Information needed: IP address of the SIP server Extension number for the Door Controller SIP password for the... Read More
Stopping Phantom calls on an IP phone system
Viewed 7231 times since Mon, Nov 21, 2016
Phantom calls can occur on IP-based phones:   The phone is receiving messages that appear to be SIP calls. If you are connected to an external SIP server (Host), the phone is receiving SIP messages from outside the network.  If not, you may have a... Read More
Distinctive Ring for small Grandstream system.
Viewed 5464 times since Thu, Jun 1, 2017
There is frequently the desire to have distinctive ringing on residential and small business systems.  This might be required because there is a door phone or a separate business line.  By following the instructions contained here, you can have a... Read More
Programming a Leviton Door Station to operate on a SIP server.
Viewed 5303 times since Fri, Jun 24, 2016
Products included:Leviton Door Station (Leviton INDS1-S)SIP Server (i.e. GrandStream UCM6102)Information needed:IP address of the SIP serverExtension number for the Door ControllerSIP password for the extensionRing Group or Extension number the Door... Read More
Using One Grandstream System with Two Businesses
Viewed 5131 times since Fri, Jun 2, 2017
There are many applications where one phone system is needed to cover two entities.  Someone may have a home business and needs to keep the calls separate.  Or, a company may have two divisions that need to keep the calls separate.  For incoming... Read More
"Live Video" Snapshots from Leviton INDS1 on Snaplink or OmniTouch7
Viewed 4447 times since Fri, Jun 23, 2017
There is a method to see a recent snapshot from the Door station on Snaplink or the Omnitouch7. Using the following string in your PCAccess Camera settings will allow you to see the images at will. Please note that these are snapshots and update... Read More