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ESI Programming Keypad and Remote Control Layout

24-Channel Keypad LayoutIntroduction:

ESI’s programming keypads and remotes have a somewhat confusing layout. This article will help you better understand the way that the channels are accessed during programming or operation.



  • 24-channel ESI Keypad (ESIK24ST or ESIK24STRF433) or 24-channel ESI Remote Control (ESIT24S or ESIT24SDUAL433)



When using the keypad or remote, the first and third columns will always be “Open” channel commands and the second and fourth columns will always be “Close” commands. When the LED on the top left of the keypad/remote is not lit you will be operating channels 1-12, indicated by the number on the left below each pair of buttons. Pressing the SHIFT button will cause the LED to light solid and you will now be operating channels 13-24, indicated by the numbers on the right below each pair of buttons.


See the below image for the corresponding button layouts:



You should now have a better understanding of how ESI’s programming devices are laid out.



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