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Using the Luxul Range Extender/Bridge on the Omni Ethernet Port

In this article we will describe how to use the wireless bridge from Luxul to get an Omni Panel (and optionally the Notifier) on a network when running the Cat 5e/6 cable to it is not feasible.  We assume that there is good WiFi coverage in the area where the bridge will be placed.


  • Luxul XVW-P30 Bridge/Range Extender
  • Web browser for configuration

First plug in the bridge.  While it is booting, set your laptop (or whatever device you are configuring with) to a static IP of  Open a web browser and go to and enter admin for the username and the password.  Set the unit to Bridge mode and select your wireless network from the list.  Enter the password for that network.  Click Save and the bridge will apply the settings.

Remove the static IP that you set your laptop back to.  Connect the Omni to one of the ports on the bridge, and if you have a Notifier, connect it to the other port.  Now address the Omni from the keypad as you normally would.

You should now be able to access the Omni over a network just as if it were connected to a wired switch.

This article written by Richie Scholl.

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