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Distinctive Ring for small Grandstream system.

There is frequently the desire to have distinctive ringing on residential and small business systems.  This might be required because there is a door phone or a separate business line.  By following the instructions contained here, you can have a separate ring as well as flashing button for this separate line.

 In this example, the customer requires the door station to have a distinctive ring.  This will require another account on each phone.  Remember that you are limited by the accounts available on each phone.  In addition, another extension number need to  be added to the system for all phones that will receive calls from the door station.  To reduce confusion, put this series in a different group of numbers (add 150 to the extension number) and name them all “Door Station”


Log onto the phone’s UI and add the second account.  (Note: The layout varies by model of phone, but the locations should be the same)

Go to the Call Features for Account 2 and change the “account ring tone” to a different ring.


The next step is to assign a “Ring Group” to send Door Station calls to the second account.


The final step would be to set the door station to call the Ring Group associated with the second account.  This varies by brand of door station.  Check door station documentation.

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