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Troubleshooting OmniStat2 Communication Issues

A few quick steps to locate cause of issues with RC1000WH and RC2000WH


  1. Are all stats operating incorrectly or just some?
    1. If some, try switching a good and bad unit and see if the problem moves with the stat or stays in the location
    2. If the problem moves with the stat, the issue is in the stat itself ( skip down to stat troubleshooting)
    3. If the problem stays with the original location, it is likely with the panel or wiring
  2. If all stats have an issue or the problem does not move when you switch stats.
    1.  See if you can send a change to the stat from the panel (fan on, change temp, etc.)
    2.  If it changes, the green wire(output 8) is fine.  If not, check the green wire connections at all devices.
    3. See if you make a change on the stat if the Omni sees the change (fan on, change temp, etc.)
    4. If it changes, the yellow wire(zone 16+) is fine. If not, check the yellow wire connections at all devices.
    5. If neither send or receive work, check the black wire (Ground)
    6. If you still have issues, and if there are more than one wire run for stat communication, remove them individually and check for communication.
  3. Stat troubleshooting:   Ensure that the thermostat has these settings
    1. A unique address for each stat
    2. Program mode is set to "none"


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