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Programming a Leviton Door Station to operate on a SIP server.

Products included:
Leviton Door Station (Leviton INDS1-S)
SIP Server (i.e. GrandStream UCM6102)
Information needed:
IP address of the SIP server
Extension number for the Door Controller
SIP password for the extension
Ring Group or Extension number the Door Station will call
number to be entered to unlock the door (if applicable)


  1. Locate the IP address of the Door Station
    1. One method is to use the "Fing" app on a smart device to locate all devices on the network
    2. Another is to log into the router and look up connected devices
    3. If you have Leviton's PCAccess software, you can discover it under "door stations"
  2. Enter the IP address found in the previous step in your internet browser:
    1. At this point you should see a login button
  3. Log in
    1. Login: Admin
    2. Pass: Admin

After you log in choose these options from the menu

  1. Network>Network 
    1. This will allow you to change the IP to static (not required)
    2. “Save” before leaving screen
  2. Phone>SIP
    1. SIP Proxy/P2P Bridge IP: IP Address of GrandStream
    2. SIP Service Domain: IP Address of GrandStream
    3. Display Name: Account Name For reference only, any name
    4. Phone Number: extension number assigned to door station
    5. Password:  SIP password to register the extension
    6. “Save” before leaving screen
  3. Phone>Outgoing call
    1. Direct Dial #:  Ring Group or extension to call when button is pressed
    2. “Save” before leaving screen
  4. System> Digital Control
    1. Door open command:  The Code to open door from a phone
    2. “Save” before leaving screen
  5. System>Time
    1. Set date and time for the door station
    2. “Save” before leaving screen
  6. System>Reboot
    1. Reboot the doorstation
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