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Setting Grandstream Extension Numbers to 3-digit

Most business phone users are accustomed to 3-digit extensions.  When confronted by 4-digit extensions, it can be confusing.

It is very simple to change the length of the digits and their designations

From the menus select:

  1. PBX
  2. Internal Options
  3. General               
    1. Enter the Following:
      • User Extensions                               100         629
      • Pick Extensions                                400         499
      • Auto Provision Extensions                300         350
      • Conference Extensions                     630         639
      • Ring Group Extensions                     640         649
      • Queue Extensions                             650         659
      • Voicemail Group Extension               660         669
      • IVR Extensions                                  670         679
      • Dial By Name Extensions                  680         689
      • Fax Extension                                    690         699

For most of the changes are simply removing the last digit of the 4-digit number.  However, you cannot have an extension in the 700 range.  So the last three groups are adjusted to fit below 700.  ( Yellow highlighted section)

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