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Port Forwarding for Leviton Omni Systems

This article will describe how to set up port forwarding and DDNS so that you can enable remote access on Leviton Omni systems.  We assume that your Omni panel is using the default port of 4369 and has an address assigned that is unique and consistent with your router.  We use a Luxul router for our example screens.  Other brands will vary.

The first step is port forwarding.  Expand the Advanced menu and click on Port Forwarding.  Click the Add button near the bottom of the screen.  use 4369-4369 for both the WAN and LAN port ranges.  Enter the IP address of your Omni panel in the LAN IP box.  Select All for Protocol and make sure Enable is checked.  Click Save.


Next, we need to set up DDNS, the service that gives you a URL that will be constantly updated as your public IP address changes.  Expand Advanced and click on DDNS.  Select a service provider and click the Go TO Register link to set up an account.  Some service are free and some are subscription based.  We recommend setting this up with your customers info.  Once you have that account set up you can add a host with the provider.  That hose name is what you will use in SnapLink rather than the controller's IP address.  In the router, fill in the username and password along with the hose name and click save.


That's it!  Both of these setup items require the router to be restarted before they take effect.  You can do this from the Reboot area of the System Tools menu.

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